Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

The following provides details about our Privacy Policy. This policy applies to the GuitarLefty website.


Cookies are small files that are placed on your computer by your browser. The cookies contain no personal details about you. You can disable cookies by changing your browser preferences.

Do GuitarLefty advertisers use cookies?

Yes. GuitarLefty works with several partners to directly or indirectly serve advertisements to the site. Adverts are an important way of providing revenue to GuitarLefty, which is completely free at the point of use. Advertising cookies do not contain personal details. They may however be used for re-targeting campaigns and assuring you are not displayed adverts more than a certain number of times per session. We believe that relevant and interesting adverts are important for maintaining site quality.

Google Advertising

GuitarLefty provides its advertising using Google. Google uses personal data to provide personalisation of ads and cookies may be used for personalised and non-personalised advertising.

For more in-depth details around how Google uses this personal data, please see Googles uses of information

Third-party recipients of data

Data is shared with following third-parties along with the reasons for this:

  • Site visitor analysis - Google Analytics
  • Personalised and Non-personalised Advertisement - Google Ads

Privacy Policy Changes

We will let you know by making any alterations clear on this page.

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