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For too long, us left-handers have had to use right-handed guitar content. Well not any more. GuitarLefty is the place for everything guitar related specifically for left-handed guitarists.

"Life without left-handed people wouldn’t be right."

C.R. Manske

Left Handed Scale Pattern Diagrams

No more trying to ‘figure out‘ right handed scales, use our scale patterns dedicated for left handed guitarists. All five patterns of each scale are included!

E Minor Pentatonic Pattern 1

e pentatonic minor scale pattern 1
E Pentatonic Minor Scale 12th Position

Left Handed Scales complete with Related Chords

Knowing any scale is great, but what is ever better is to know which chords work well with this given scale

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Beginner Scales

The Best Scales For Beginner Left Handed Guitarists

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