G Flat Minor Guitar Scale - Left Handed Pattern Diagrams

Just like the G Flat Major scale, the G Flat Minor scales consists of seven notes.

These notes are as follows

Gb - Ab - Bbb - Cb - Db - Ebb - Fb

If you are unfamiliar with the Major scale, I suggest you get comfortable with that first before moving onto the Minor Scale.

The G Flat Minor scale is a diatonic scale, which simply means as you work through the scale you do so in one of two steps.

The two steps are

  • Whole Step (W)
  • Half Step (H)

The G Flat Minor step intervals are

Whole - Half - Whole - Whole - Half - Whole - Whole

Or to simplify

W - H - W - W - H - W - W

The 5 Patterns of the G Flat Minor Scale - Left Handed

A pattern is a set of notes that are played one after the other. There are five different patterns that can be played in G Flat Minor, each of which are inter-connected across the fretboard.

The notes of the scale are displayed on the fretboard by the light grey circles, with the darker blue circles highlighting the root notes. The root notes are always G Flat tones. The numbers on each circle indicate which finger should play the note. The patterns are as follows

Left Handed Pattern 1

Left Handed G Flat Minor Scale 1st Position

Left Handed Pattern 2

Left Handed G Flat Minor Scale 4th Position

Left Handed Pattern 3

Left Handed G Flat Minor Scale 6th Position

Left Handed Pattern 4

Left Handed G Flat Minor Scale 8th Position

Left Handed Pattern 5

Left Handed G Flat Minor Scale 10th Postion

Related Chords for the G Flat Minor Scale

Knowing the G Flat Minor Scale is great, but what is ever better is to know which chords work well with this scale. This can be determined using the degree of the scale.

Knowing which chords work well with a particular scale allows you to enhance your improvisation and ultimately build songs, we'll even highlight some popular songs which are in the key of G Flat Minor later. The G Flat Minor Scale has the following related chords.

Degree Chord Type Scale Note Tonic Chord Tonic 7th Chord
1 m Gb Gbm Gbm7
2 dim Ab Abdim Abm7b5
3 maj Bbb Bbb Bbbmaj7
4 m Cb Cbm Cbm7
5 m Db Dbm Dbm7
6 maj Ebb Ebb Ebbmaj7
7 maj Fb Fb Fb7

Songs in the Key of G Flat Minor

Some of the most popular and recognisable songs are in the key of G Flat Minor. Let's check some out.

  • Shape Of My Heart by Sting
  • You Spin Me Round by Dead Or Alive
  • Estranged by Guns N' Roses
  • Unintended by Muse
  • Escape by Metallica

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